Baby + Kids


The very best silicone teethers for babies in unique and handmade designs. Made of food grade silicone and organic wood, our teethers will keep your child engaged in play. Featuring secure clasps to keep the toys off the floor, our baby teethers provide soothing relief for your little one without constant pickups by you!

Crinkle Cloths

Soft crinkle cloths that feature sensory surprises for your baby to explore. These taggie blankets will keep your baby occupied, engaged and feeling secure. Our lovey blankets feature organic maplewood, crinkle sounds, and various textures. Help baby explore the world with a mini security blanket that is also a toy!

Kids Clothes

Tees, bodysuits, and hoodies that you and your baby can enjoy. Shop Blomfield’s Artist Shop on Threadless while we set up. All items created by the pint size maker BroCro to keep you entertained!

Needle Felting

How do spools of wool (or even your own pet’s animal fur) come to life into a needle felting? Find out more about the magical process of needle felting, and how we can create your favorite animal with motion and personality.